The Syrian Conflict

the largest refugee displacement crisis of our time

Since the beginnings of the Syrian conflict in 2011: 

  • 5.6 million people have fled Syria seeking asylum in adjacent and distant countries [1]
  • 6.6 million have been displaced within the country’s borders [1]
  • 50% of refugees worldwide are under the age of 18 [5]
Approximately half of refugees are children [7].
Alan Kurdi, 3, discovered by a parliamentary officer on the shores of Bodrum in Turkey [4].

The photograph of 3-year-old Alan Kurdi lying facedown on a beach, drowned after an ill-fated attempt to reach Turkish shores by boat [4], shocked the world by giving a face and name to those brutalized by the Syrian conflict. The image drew global attention to the refugee crisis and served as an impetus for previously reluctant governments to open their borders to refugees [3].

As militant groups and the Syrian army engage in civil conflict, civilians are caught in the crossfire. Forced to find refuge beyond their borders, they embark on perilous journeys over land and water to neighboring countries, such as Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan. Turkey alone has received 3.3 million Syrian refugees [1]. Other parts of Europe have welcomed around 1 million refugees. Germany, the largest recipient, opened its borders to 500,000 between 2011 and 2017 [2].

Syrian families in informal tent settlements in Lebanon [6].


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